co-production Kaaitheater

In Living, Tristero mercilessly crosses drama with slapstick and domesticity with the sinister. This wordless production shows the living room as a thoroughfare for occupants and visitors, with their thoughts, desires and fantasies. The characters are vague, and so is the plot, but the set is razor-sharp. The set is a hyper-realistic reconstruction of a living room in the style of the early seventies. You might have seen it in Tristero’s legendary production of Abigail’s Party, a bitter-sweet comedy by Mike Leigh.

Living is a cross between theatre, dance and live installation. Lynch meets the Coen brothers meet Jérôme Bel.

made by & with Kristien De Proost, Youri Dirkx, Katleen Geens, Lorenza Goos, Iris Van Cauwenbergh & Peter Vandenbempt
coach Myriam Van Imschoot
scenography Emma Denis
costumes Nele Sels
sounddesign Peter Connelly
photography Herman Sorgeloos
promotional picture Sven Beirnaert
production Tristero
co-production Kaaitheater
with the support of de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie en de Vlaamse minister van Cultuur, Jeugd, Sport en Brussel, Bert Anciaux

WE 25.06 2008 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
WE 12.11 2008 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
TH 13.11 2008 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
FR 14.11 2008 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
SA 15.11 2008 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
TU 18.11 2008 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
WE 19.11 2008 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
TH 20.11 2008 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
FR 21.11 2008 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
SA 22.11 2008 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
WE 20.01 2010 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
TH 21.01 2010 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
FR 22.01 2010 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
WE 27.01 2010 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
TH 28.01 2010 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
FR 29.01 2010 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
SA 30.01 2010 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
TH 25.02 2010 STUK Leuven (BE)
FR 26.02 2010 STUK Leuven (BE)
TH 22.07 2010 Campo Gent (BE)
FR 23.07 2010 Campo Gent (BE)
SA 24.07 2010 Campo Gent (BE)
SU 25.07 2010 Campo Gent (BE)