Play With Repeats


‘If only I could go back in time! If only I could start my life again knowing what I know now.’ We all occasionally dream of this.

As does Tony. On the eve of his fortieth birthday he makes up the balance of his life. In his view, his career and love-life have failed. In an attempt to rectify these failures, that same night he decides to go to an African marabout. Tony wants his help to go back in time so that he can relive all the crucial moments in his life. But is a second chance always a guarantee of success?

by and with Kristien De Proost, Youri Dirkx, Frederik Huys, Iris Van Cauwenbergh & Peter Vandenbempt
coach Johan Dehollander
text Martin Crimp
set Emma Denis
costumes Nancy Van de Gucht
light design Ruud Gielens
production manager Eva Wilsens
technical support Bart Luypaert
stage photography Herman Sorgeloos
lay-out Willem De Geyndt & Paul Popelier
promotional picture Diego Franssens
in collaboration with Kaaitheater
with the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschap, administratie Cultuur and Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie

MO 06.03 2006 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
TU 07.03 2006 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
WE 08.03 2006 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
TH 09.03 2006 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
FR 10.03 2006 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
SA 11.03 2006 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
TU 14.03 2006 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
WE 15.03 2006 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
TH 16.03 2006 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
FR 17.03 2006 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
WE 12.04 2006 KC Nona Mechelen (BE)
TH 13.04 2006 KC Nona Mechelen (BE)
TU 25.04 2006 STUK Leuven (BE)
WE 26.04 2006 STUK Leuven (BE)
FR 28.04 2006 CC Berchem Berchem (BE)
SA 29.04 2006 KC De Werf Brugge (BE)