an OPENDOEK production in collaboration with K.A.K.

Washed ashore. Moored. Thrown. Swimming. One by one they arrive at the beach of BRXSSLS, somewhere in the near or distant future. One at night and unseen, the other by day and applauded. Unemployed Flemings, scrapped cyborgs and unworldly aliens. They are all in search. And they each have their own expectations of BRXSSLS. Is it an island? A transit station? A breeding ground for dilettantes? An extrapolation office? An endport? The news, the reporters, the bloggers, they all report. Their reports produce this performance.
BRXSSLS is made and played by amateur players from Brussels. For six months they met regularly to improvise around Brussels in the future.
The Brussels based collectives K.A.K. and Tristero took care of the artistic coaching.

location: BE-HERE
Dieudonné Lefèvrestraat 4 in Laken

cast Xiaoxing Zhao, Kris Vanden Driessche, Sarah Delafortrie, Khadija Boujnane, Rika Jacobs, Kamal Kawsara, Ellen Valkenborgs, Charles Godin, Katinka Ziesemer, Octavia De Buysscher, Annemie Salu, Guillaume Alexandre, Manuel Delafortrie, Emilie Van Daele
musical advice Ciska Thomas
technical support Dirk Ceulemans
production OpenDoek
coaching the Brussels based collectifs K.A.K. and Tristero: Nona Buhrs, Youri Dirkx, Roel Faes and Esther Gouarné

TH 31.10 2019 Be-Here Laken (BE)
FR 01.11 2019 Be-Here Laken (BE)
SA 02.11 2019 Be-Here Laken (BE)