The Script

coproduction Kassys

What happens when a director asks six different actors to perform the same solo on the same night, on the same stage?

In The Script, there are neither a main cast, nor a supporting cast, only one role with six actors performing it simultaneously according to their own interpretation. How strictly will each of them follow the directions in the script? Will they give the floor to each other, granting a space in the spotlight? Will they ham it up?

There is a group on stage but we see no interaction. Separated, they try to do their own thing but are tied to the script. The Script reveals the frustrations of ‘living side by side’ without any real connection, and exposes the inability to escape existential loneliness, even when part of a group.

Briljant, at times hilarious and in the end seriously depressing. As it ought to be.

direction & scenario Liesbeth Gritter
advice Peter Vandenbempt
cast Thijs Bloothoofd, Milan Boele van Hensbroek, Ayrton Fraenk, Harm van Geel, Esther Snelder & Peter Vandenbempt
assistants to direction Willemijn Zevenhuijzen, Vincent Brons
technical support Ilona Brink
promotion and booking ProductieCollectief, Markell Helmann
management Mark Walraven
production Kassys
coproduction Tristero

SA 24.06 2017 Ostadetheater Amsterdam (NL)
TH 05.10 2017 Corrosia Almere (NL)
FR 06.10 2017 Corrosia Almere (NL)
SA 07.10 2017 Corrosia Almere (NL)
TU 10.10 2017 Frascati Theater Amsterdam (NL)
WE 11.10 2017 Frascati Theater Amsterdam (NL)
TH 12.10 2017 Frascati Theater Amsterdam (NL)
FR 13.10 2017 Frascati Theater Amsterdam (NL)
SA 14.10 2017 Frascati Theater Amsterdam (NL)
WE 15.11 2017 Theater Kikker Utrecht (NL)
TH 16.11 2017 Theater Kikker Utrecht (NL)
FR 17.11 2017 Theater Ins Blau Leiden (NL)
WE 22.11 2017 Next Festival Menen (BE)
FR 24.11 2017 LUX Nijmegen (NL)
FR 01.12 2017 Korzo S Gravenshage (NL)
MO 04.12 2017 Culturgest Lissabon (PT)
TU 05.12 2017 Culturgest Lissabon (PT)
FR 29.12 2017 Theater Bouwkunde Deventer (NL)
SA 13.01 2018 Grand Theatre Groningen (NL)
WE 01.08 2018 Theater aan Zee Oostende (BE)
TH 02.08 2018 Theater aan Zee Oostende (BE)
TH 02.08 2018 Theater aan Zee Oostende (BE)
FR 29.03 2019 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)
SA 30.03 2019 Kaaitheater Brussel (BE)