La Estupidez (nl)

co-production Transquinquennal

Las Vegas. A dingy motel is the setting for a whirlwind of scenes that compete with one another in their stupidity. All the characters are there looking for money, love and meaning.

But how much does meaning cost? And what is the meaning of money? Are cinema usherettes prepared to sell their bodies to find love? What is a painting worth when its colours have faded? Will the Sicilian mafia get into the radio Top 40?

‘Estupidez’ can be translated as ‘a blunder’, but also as ‘stupidity’. Taking inspiration from Hieronymus Bosch’s painting of the seven deadly sins, the Argentinian Rafael Spregelburd (1970) wrote seven plays about our present deadly sins. In La Estupidez he focuses on miserliness.

Twenty-four characters come on and go off again, played by just five actors. The result is an exuberant and entertaining theatrical feat. A mixture of sitcom, road movie and soap, which shows a world on the blink, wavering between chaos and order.

cast Kristien De Proost, Youri Dirkx, Iris Van Cauwenbergh, Dirk Van Dijck & Peter Vandenbempt
text Rafaël Spregelburd
flemish remake of the original Transquinquennal production
direction Transquinquennal
set and costumes Marie Szersnovicz
light design and technical support Laurence Halloy
technical support Bart Luypaert
translation Bart Vonck & Tristero
production Tristero & Transquinquennal
in collaboration with KVS
thanks to Walpurgis

TU 07.03 2017 KVS Brussel (BE)
WE 08.03 2017 KVS Brussel (BE)
TH 09.03 2017 KVS Brussel (BE)
FR 10.03 2017 KVS Brussel (BE)
SA 11.03 2017 KVS Brussel (BE)
TH 16.03 2017 CC De Kern Wilrijk (BE)
FR 17.03 2017 CC De Kern Wilrijk (BE)
TH 30.03 2017 t'Arsenaal Lazarus Mechelen (BE)
FR 31.03 2017 t'Arsenaal Lazarus Mechelen (BE)
FR 08.12 2017 Cc Sint-Niklaas Sint-Niklaas (BE)
TH 14.12 2017 30CC Leuven (BE)
TH 21.12 2017 CC De Herbakker Eeklo (BE)
TH 18.01 2018 CC De Werf Aalst (BE)