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Lisa Matthys

The strong social commitment of visual artist Lisa Matthys (°1982) translates into video work, photography and documentaries in which children often play the leading role. In this way, she exposes various political and/or social contexts. Her work is situated between art, social practice, community work and education and seeks out the boundaries of installation and participatory art.

She is currently commissioned by KANAL to work on the socio-artistic project ‘The Museum of Innocence’, an architectural structure intuitively constructed by children (and in further collaboration with Dear Pigs). She also explores how the representation of the museum collection can be ‘shown’ as a soundscape within this project.

With Kasper Demeulemeester, she explores the idea of creating a shop within the Gallait residence. This is where her sculptural ‘packaging work’ fits in, which she will further dissect with a neighbourhood school, among others. With this project, she wants to playfully confront children and make them think about mass production, among other things.