Iemand van ons


Who would you like to go to bed with?
And what would you talk about?

For Iemand van ons (One of us), Tristero has mobilized a seasoned cast with plenty of life experience. Reinhilde Decleir, Mark Verstraete, Janine Bischops, Bob De Moor, Kristin Arras and Kris Smet all get into a big bed together and talk about politics, love and life. With a great sense of humour, they talk and listen, toss and turn on the bed, and reveal their inner selves.

Iemand van ons is a production abounding in small and grandiose statements: the clichés, pronouncements and secrets come thick and fast. The actors disarmingly and mischievously offer a glimpse of their thoughts and private lives. A torrent of banal and interesting, incisive and vague statements reveals their humanity: vulnerable or strong, lonely or not, honest and phoney at the same time.

Performance in Dutch.

cast Mark Verstraete, Bob De Moor, Kristin Arras, Mieke Verdin, Els Olaerts, Mieke De Groote
concept & text Peter Vandenbempt
set design Emma Denis
construction set design Wing Nuts Decor
technical support Lukas Vanhoutte, Bart Luypaert
photography Youri Dirkx
co-production Kaaitheater & Perpodium
tour management Thassos
thanks to Janine Bischops, Reinhilde Decleir, Kris Smet, Tutti Fratelli, Mirjam Devriendt, Nancy Van de Gucht
with the support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie and the Belgian Tax Shelter

WE 06.10 2021 Kaaistudio's Brussel (BE)
TH 07.10 2021 Kaaistudio's Brussel (BE)
FR 08.10 2021 Kaaistudio's Brussel (BE)
SA 09.10 2021 Kaaistudio's Brussel (BE)
SU 10.10 2021 Kaaistudio's Brussel (BE)
TH 21.04 2022 CC Brugge - Daverlo Brugge (BE)
TH 28.04 2022 CC Den Egger Scherpenheuvel-Zichem (BE)
FR 29.04 2022 GC Het Koetshuis Roosdaal (BE)
SA 30.04 2022 CC Deurne Podium Deurne (BE)
WE 18.05 2022 CC 't Vondel Halle (BE)
TH 19.05 2022 CC De Kruisboog Tienen (BE)
FR 20.05 2022 CC Stroming Berlare (BE)
SA 21.05 2022 Arsenaal / Lazarus Mechelen (BE)
SU 22.05 2022 Arsenaal / Lazarus Mechelen (BE)
WE 25.05 2022 CC Het Bolwerk Vilvoorde (BE)
FR 27.05 2022 30CC Wagehuys Leuven (BE)
FR 27.05 2022 30CC Wagehuys Leuven (BE)
WE 01.06 2022 GC De Melkerij Zemst (BE)
FR 03.06 2022 CC De Abdij-Arjaantheater Geraardsbergen (BE)
WE 08.03 2023 Stadsschouwburg Sint-Niklaas (BE)
SA 25.03 2023 CC De Ververij (Wolvestraat) Ronse (BE)
SU 26.03 2023 CC De Kaekelaar Schoten (BE)
FR 31.03 2023 City Nieuwpoort (BE)
SA 01.04 2023 OC 't Centrum Brecht (BE)
TH 20.04 2023 De Klaproos Deinze (BE)
FR 21.04 2023 Arenberg schouwburg Antwerpen (BE)
WE 26.04 2023 CC De Borre Bierbeek (BE)