Iemand van ons

Who would you like to go to bed with?
And what would you talk about?

For Iemand van ons (One of us), Tristero has mobilized a seasoned cast with plenty of life experience. Reinhilde Decleir, Mark Verstraete, Janine Bischops, Bob De Moor, Kristin Arras and Kris Smet all get into a big bed together and talk about politics, love and life. With a great sense of humour, they talk and listen, toss and turn on the bed, and reveal their inner selves.

Iemand van ons is a production abounding in small and grandiose statements: the clich├ęs, pronouncements and secrets come thick and fast. The actors disarmingly and mischievously offer a glimpse of their thoughts and private lives. A torrent of banal and interesting, incisive and vague statements reveals their humanity: vulnerable or strong, lonely or not, honest and phoney at the same time.

Performance in Dutch.